Thursday, March 12, 2009


Reggae is based on a relatively small number of instruments from the western world and also africa. Most of the instruments used in reggae are percussion instruments such as drums. The standard drum kit is used in reggae with the snare drum tuned so it has a high sound. Other drums such as bongos are used as well. The bass and standard guitars are used a lot in reggae music. The combination of drum and bass is called the riddim. The guitars in reggae music is mostly used as a rhythym instrument.Horns and keyboards are also frequently used with the reggae organ being used in most songs.


  1. Is there any more information you could post? I'm doing my senior project on Reggae music and how it evolved in the past 40 years and one of my sub questions is how the musical instruments evolved/ changed

  2. Thanks for the info :) helped a lot